Katalin Apartman
2nd floor
apartment Nr 1
apartment Nr 2
3rd floor
 apartment Nr 3
 apartment Nr 4

8749 Zalakaros
Berkenye köz 4.
email: apartplan1@gmail.com
Tel: 00 36 30 318 3954
Gitta Apartman
8749 Zalakaros
Panoráma u. 24.
Katalin Apartman
8749 Zalakaros
Berkenye köz 10.


KATALIN  APARTMANHÁZ /APARTMENT HOUSE/ is located at Berkenye u.10, Zalakaros, in a quiet environment. There is a forest nearby and a fine view over the settlement from the apartment house. Its advantage is that it is near to the Medicinal Bath but the traffic, noise of the town cannot be felt.  Parking is provided in the closed courtyard. The house is permanently supervised as the owners, who are the operators of the apartment house, live in the adjacent building. In the house there are 2 x one-room and 2 x two-room apartments. Barbecue is available in the courtyard. It is recommended for couples, families with children and small and large parties of friends.

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